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[e10s] Fix test_bug451286.xul to run in e10s by converting to a mochitest-browser test


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Why does it need to be a mochitest-browser test? I added a remote browser element just fine in bug 1253233, which I think might be a good start(?)
Otherwise, I'd be happy to take this one. In fact, please feel free to assign any e10s findbar tests/ bugs to me.
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I'm almost finished with this test, just need to fix one remaining thing with it. But looking in bug 1253233 I noticed you also fixed the RemoteFinder.jsm bug that I fixed. I can upload my WIP to this bug and let you decide what to do.
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I'm seeing a timing issue with a hang on the second call to closeFindBarAndWait() in this test on e10s.
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WIP Patch

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Sorry for the late reply! There was a weekend and one day of Easter PTO in between, but still...

To me the test looks good; I can't reproduce the timeout you mention, so I wonder what's up with that (I'm using a checkout of todays' fx-team).
AFAICT this one is ready for review... don't forget to `hg rm` the chrome test files.
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MozReview Request: Bug 1259531 - [e10s] Fix test_bug451286.xul to run in e10s by converting to a mochitest-browser test. r?mikedeboer

Nicely modernized version of the test! Bonus points if you land this after a green mochitest-bc try run ;-)

::: toolkit/modules/RemoteFinder.jsm:88
(Diff revision 1)
>        // Don't let one callback throwing stop us calling the rest
>        try {
>          l[callback].apply(l, params);
>        }
>        catch (e) {
> -        Cu.reportError(e);
> +        Cu.reportError(`Missing callback for ${callback}: ` + e);

While you're here, could you put the `}` and `catch (e) {` on the same line?

I totally agree with making this error state much more descriptive. Well, it was totally unhelpful before :P
However, perhaps it's better to say:
Cu.reportError(`Missing callback for $(callback}`);

That way we also get all the nice stack trace printing.

(BTW, I'm in love with the markdown auto-highlighting in this textarea)
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needinfo for felipe since this test is moving from mochitest-chrome to browser-chrome

try push,
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The status = fixed that you entered in the mochitest-chrome spreadsheet is what is most important to know (bug number and owner are great too).  So if you mark the status as fixed on the spreadsheet I don't need to be needinfo'ed. Thanks for checking, of course :)
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