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Viewing 756-page-long PDF file causes "nsBlockReflowContext:" warnings in debug builds


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When viewing large PDFs (let's say PDF32000_2008.pdf) in debug builds of Firefox we are getting lots of:

nsBlockReflowContext: Block(div)(1)@12a433c38 metrics=83760,64139460!

Yes, we are really getting size 1396x1068991 (there are 756 pages/divs that are 1414 px tall).

Can we increase CRAZY_COORD (see by the order of magnitude?
Summary: Viewing PDF files causes "nsBlockReflowContext:" warnings in debug builds → Viewing 756-page-long PDF file causes "nsBlockReflowContext:" warnings in debug builds
I think the assumption of this warning is that, if we're laying out a ~700-page document, we think something is likely to have gone wrong (and the warning is trying to catch the "gone wrong" thing early).

Maybe this assumption isn't valid anymore, though?

I think I'd be OK upping this value by an order of magnitude.  Note that this will put CRAZY_COORD will be just over 1/4 of nscoord_MAX, which is pretty close, but still a useful threshold to start warning at probably.
Showing my work on the "approximately 1/4th of nscoord_MAX" estimate:
 * CRAZY_COORD will now be 60 * ten million = 6 * 10^8.
 * nscoord_MAX is 2^31.
 * So:  (2^31) / (6 * 10^8) is about 3.6
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Same patch, now with a commit message.
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fix v2: increase CRAZY_COORD by an order of magnitude

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Personally, I don't find the associated warnings useful at all, so I'd r+ a patch
that simply removed them.  But perhaps others find them useful...
I'm neutral on them, so I won't move towards removing them at this point. (They'll arguably be a bit more useful now, too, now that they'll be less easy to trip.)

Thanks for the review!
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