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1. Remove subtest_signatures from the return value (it's super slow to generate this property, because it requires a database query for every signature with subtests). Instead, add a parent_signature and has_subtests property to each return value (the latter will require an addition to the database schema).
2. Make it optionally possible to only fetch tests without a parent signature (many views only need these signatures, so it's wasteful to fetch everything).
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Bug 1260110 - Add a "has subtests" property to performance series

This will be useful for some views where we don't know off the bat
whether a signature has subtests or not (e.g. the e10s dashboard,
the graphs view) and thus whether to show a "show subtests button"
Bug 1260110 - Re-work the signature fetching API to be faster

* Remove subtest_signatures property (super slow)
* Add a parent_signature property to signatures with a parent signature
* Add option to only fetch signatures without a parental signature
* Update clients to use the new API, for increased speed/awesomeness
:jmaher was away so i just landed this change, after careful testing
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Duplicate of this bug: 1234868
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