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2 years ago
I am experiencing a problem when trying to open files with the extension *.osz using my Firefox Browser. The files are hosted online and I am trying to access them through clicking hyperlinks. 

Firefox will instantly freeze upon me interacting with the link (whether that is clicking it, opening in new tabs or windows, saving it, or pasting it into my address bar), and I am forced to close Firefox to use it again. To reproduce the freezing;
1. Go to this forum -
2. Scroll down to the Song List, and click on any of the blue hyperlinks.

To fix the problem I have already tried the following to no avail:
- scanning my computer with antivirus and antimalware software, both returned no detections;
- refreshing Firefox using this guide -, bug still present
- creating a new profile;
- restarting my computer several times.

I report this as a bug because this used to work absolutely fine up until yesterday, and I am unaware of making any significant changes to my computer then. What used to happen would be the link would direct me to the Unicode version of the file which I could then save to my computer using Ctrl-S.

Any help or pointers are much appreciated.

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2 years ago
No issue for me to click on these links like

Does it work in safe mode?
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2 years ago
In addition, to which software are associated .osz files on your machine?

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2 years ago
Thanks for the reply. The links work correctly when I use Safe Mode.

.osz files are only attributed to the osu! game client.
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2 years ago
On my machine, .osz are associated wrongly (I guess) to WinRAR (for an unknown reason that I ignore). Could you change the file association for this extension in Win 10, and test again.

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2 years ago
I changed the assosciation to 7-Zip Console, restarted and it worked fine.

Thanks so much!
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