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Investigate GeckoProfile initialization in onCreate


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In onStart, there is a comment explaining we don't want to init GeckoProfile too soon (presumably for disk access issues). However, in onCreate, we do the same checks.

We should either:
* move the initial checks off the main thread
* Remove the comment from onStart
* Remove the comment from onStart and push the check onto the UIThread

Profiling recommended. :)
15:21 <mcomella> rnewman: I think we init the profile in onCreate (, before we do that queue to the bg thread to prevent profile init too early (, so I
15:21 <mcomella> don't think the comment is correct. Am I missing something?

15:31 <@rnewman> mcomella: I think checking whether we were a guest profile used to be really expensive
15:31 <@rnewman> added here:
15:32 <@rnewman> mcomella: but also we didn't used to do any profile stuff in onCreate:
15:33 <@rnewman> mcomella: so yes, if you've moved profile init into onCreate, then (a) that might account for our startup time regression this quarter, and (b) that comment is inaccurate :P
FYI, GeckoProfile does its expensive init in GeckoProfile.forceCreate, which is called when the GeckoView is initialized in layout.
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