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cam.ac.uk | Hermes Cambridge Mail | http://pastebin.com/raw/TwynaMNB
I don't think we need any domains other than cam.ac.uk because each domain seems to have a DNS MX entry of "mx.cam.ac.uk".  The public suffix list (https://publicsuffix.org/list/) recognizes ac.uk as a top-level-domain, which means that Thunderbird's logic will derive the domain "cam.ac.uk" from the MX lookup, using the "cam.ac.uk" domain.

Having said that, it looks like there are a fair number of manual steps involved here, I wonder if it's actually helpful to be enabling autoconfig.

Relatedly, what made you decide to add entries for this domain?  Is this a request from a forum somewhere?  Are you finding popular domains?  Thanks!

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2 years ago
I can't remember why

Do you want to change the status to WON'T FIX due to the number of manual steps involved.
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