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wasm: implement Reinterpret opcodes


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Here we go!
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Jan, see above patch: I'm worried about the boilerplate for i64. Reinterpret can:

- have no int64 operands or result value (f32 -> i32, i32 -> f32)
- the result value can be an int64, but not the operands (f64 -> i64)
- the operand can be int64, but not the result value (i64 -> f64)

I've made a LIR opcode for each of the three above cases (because the number of Defs/Ops differs from one case to the other, with respect to INT64_PIECES), but this obviously doesn't scale. Another way would be to have a variadic number of defs/ops, but this sounds more complex. Would you recommend another way that would reduce boilerplate here?
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::: js/src/jit/Lowering.cpp
@@ +2480,5 @@
> +    } else if (ins->input()->type() == MIRType_Int64) {
> +        define(new(alloc()) LAsmReinterpretFromI64(useInt64RegisterAtStart(ins->input())), ins);
> +    } else {
> +        define(new(alloc()) LAsmReinterpret(useRegisterAtStart(ins->input())), ins);
> +    }

If all the branches are single-line, SM style lets you avoid braces.
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(In reply to Benjamin Bouvier [:bbouvier] from comment #2)
> Jan, see above patch: I'm worried about the boilerplate for i64. Reinterpret
> can:

I think 3 different LIR instructions to handle these cases isn't too bad..

We had a similar issue with Value, and for that I added useBoxOrTypedOrConstant. The idea is that you always have 2 'uses' on 32-bit, but you can either use both (Value or int64) or just one of them (typed or constant). We could do something similar for int64.
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Nice, this makes box2d noticeably faster: 2.5% faster in throughput, 2.2% smaller in binary size, and 6% faster in startup ( ). The pre-wasm pattern to reintepret values is painful, and box2d happens to hit it due to some LLVM issues.
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