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[webvr] Implement Oculus Home Session Management


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In order to better inter-operate with the Oculus Home interface, Firefox should respond to the "VR Focus Management" events as described in the Oculus SDK.
Whiteboard: [webvr]
Keywords: feature
Depends on: 1250244
We could implement this as a command-line argument to Firefox that indicates that Firefox should immediately enter VR mode and respond to the Oculus Platform SDK events.  In this mode, it should enumerate only the Oculus HMD's (other input devices such as from OSVR will be okay).

For this to work well, a VR Shell should be implemented for backwards compatibility with 2d web content.  This will allow users to search for and navigate to WebVR content using the 2d web while maintaining their session entirely within the HMD.
Component: Graphics → WebVR
See Also: → 1287944
Recent advancements with the Oculus SDK have enabled us to interoperate better with Oculus Home.

As a minimum, we need to implement:

- Listen for the ShouldQuit flag, and send ovr_shutdown in response.
- Shut down and re-create the Oculus sessions when the user switches from "Magic Window" and "Full VR" modes (requestPresent, exitPresent).
- We must use the ovrInit_Invisible and ovrInit_MixedRendering flags to report to the Oculus runtime our intent to present or only track for each session.
The patch in Bug 1287944 will implement all functionality described in Comment 2.
Depends on: 1287944

This has been implemented some time ago as part of other work.

Closed: 1 year ago
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