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When clamping the displayport margins to the max texture size, the margin is distributed unevenly


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The code added in bug 1135907 prevented the displayport from expanding beyond the maximum texture size. However when doing so it calculated a "budget" and then spent as much of the budget as possible on the top/left margin, using the rest for the bottom/right margin. If this code is hit, it can result in the displayport being "skewed" towards the top/left of the visible area, and so checkerboarding occurs more easily when scrolling down/right. This happened in bug 1258051 for example.
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[Feature/regressing bug #]: APZ
[User impact if declined]: bug 1258051 is one example - if the user's system has smaller max texture sizes they can run into checkerboarding more frequently. Not many users will run into this problem.
[Describe test coverage new/current, TreeHerder]: tested by reporter of bug 1258051, no automated coverage for this particular bug
[Risks and why]: low risk, the codepath in question is not hit very often. low-impact fix and low risk.
[String/UUID change made/needed]: none
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Fix was verified in bug 1258051, Aurora47+
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Depends on: 1413618
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