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Download Panel from another browser

Pop-up ads and windows are so 1990 aren't they?
Generally as mozillians and our surrounding people know that we *work*/volunteer at Firefox's maker, we tend to get suggestions and requests about what to add in Fiefox all the time (I'm not the only one am I?)

So I got a request from a friend that I personally found very, very interesting.
Right now "Show All Downloads" will open another window in which Firefox lists all the downloads. I personally don't like managing two windows, and since the world is going more and more towards web apps that run in the browser and replace their desktop counterparts, TABS are becoming the alternative for pretty much everything including multiple browsing/interacting-with-browser windows.

Because of that, my friend sent me a screenshot from another browser that has an advanced Downloads panel integrated in the main "browser frame" (if you will) and its content is shown in a tab instead of a separate window.

So I thought, Firefox is a leading browser, open source and accepts suggestions that tend to improve its usability for its users, I might as well suggest the idea.

Attached is a screenshot.

So my question here: would it be a good idea to work on such a thing for about:downloads and permanently get rid of the external window that lists the downloads ? The screenshot here details the features this rich downloads panel has.


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2 years ago
Moving the Downloads View from the Library to the content window is something we're considering, there is some non-trivial amount of work associated with it other than just opening "about:downloads" in a normal browsing window. We have to figure out what to to with the rest of the Library window as well.

Thanks for filing a bug!
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