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Steps to reproduce:

In a script tag of a local html file, load a large JavaScript file (80+ MB) from local file source.
<script src="data.js"></script>
var data = [{...},{...},...];

Actual results:

The referenced file and its JavaScript will not load in recent versions of Firefox on 32-bit Windows (other OSs not tested, but 64-bit Windows 7 of same FF version does NOT have this problem). This bug began occurring recently (confirmed in FF v43,45); the large JavaScript resource previously was loading correctly for 32-bit FF in Windows 7.
There is no error shown in the console about why it doesn't work, the JS resource is just not loaded. If I use a data file around 200KB in size, then it works as expected on 32-bit FF in Windows 7, so it could be a memory mgmt issue for 32-bit systems.
In browser console trying to reference the "data" JS variable:
>> data
>> ReferenceError: data is not defined

Expected results:

The JavaScript object referenced in the script tag should be loaded in the DOM context of that local html file.
In browser console trying to reference the "data" JS variable:
>> data
>> Array [ Object, Object, ... ]


2 years ago
Component: Untriaged → JavaScript Engine
Product: Firefox → Core
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