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Clarify license information for gsubtest font testing tools


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Steps to reproduce:

Downloading the gsubtest font testing files and trying to adapt them to use them in Chrome testing for font-variant-caps support.

Actual results:

Unclear what license the generator script, and what license the actual output font files are.

Expected results:

Please clarify whether the script is MPL, and whether the font file is SIL? Thanks!
Component: Untriaged → Layout: Text
Product: Firefox → Core
Similarly, could you please clarify the license of the test files in:
as well?
Most or all of these files were added by John Daggett in bug 549861 and others.
Blocks: font-variant
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Yeah, the first batch were added in this commit (no bug number unfortunately, but it looks like John wrote the script):

I think John might be inactive/less-active as a contributor currently (so I'm not sure he'll see the needinfo), but he was working full-time on Mozilla at the time of that commit (2012) so we can safely assume that commit should be considered MPL-licensed.
...or right, this test code is actually public domain, as khuey said in IRC, and as gerv's blog post made explicit here (since the commit that added them, linked in comment 3, was before 2014 which is the cutoff date that Gerv mentions):
Thanks everyone for the quick help!
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(Yeah, this test code is all public domain by default, per gerv's post -- since, even though it's from before 2014, it was contributed by John Daggett who was a Mozilla employee at the time.)
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