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Live stream rich format for structured logs


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Currently, you can view the live log stream for a job in the taskcluster task inspector. This is great, but has a few problems:

1) It's hard to find (need to click running job -> Job Details -> Task inspector)
2) It's hard to read, information scrolls by really fast, easy to miss stuff.
3) It's hard to use, scrolling is wonky, ctrl-f doesn't work

Most test harnesses are integrated with structured logs. We should take advantage of this to live stream a rich format. Rather than printing line by line, we could dynamically build up an html dashboard. For example, failing tests could get added to an ordered list that the user can expand/collapse. Failure strings could be printed in a neat little summary area.

Basically the viewer should never have to scroll or ctrl-f to find the most relevant information. All other information would be hidden from view by default (though possibly exposed by a toggle or switching to a different in-page tab or something).

The end goal is for a developer to be able to click a job and easily open up the rich live-streamed log for any job on treeherder. This will make it easier for developers to find pertinent information, as well as give developers access to that information more quickly.

A good first step would be to live stream this rich format locally. E.g, the mach command could open up a separate browser window that displays and formats these logs.
Depends on: 1262147
Depends on: 1068138
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