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[mozlog] Create rich html log format designed with live streaming in mind


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There should be an html log format that can update as it's being live-streamed. I.e by inserting dom nodes on the fly. This will let us stream live logs, and give an alternative to the list of lines log approach. For example, failures could be appended to a collapsible list.

This is different from traditional formatters as it likely needs to be written in JavaScript. Getting the log stream from python to the JS formatter will be the challenge. One approach would be to create some sort of websocket handler in mozlog that spins up a websocket server, and have the JS formatter connect directly to that. I believe a python based websocket server is being landed in-tree as part of bug 1231981.

This bug tracks creating the formatter and the websocket bridge (or whatever). It does not track e.g mach or treeherder integration.
Severity: normal → S3
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