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Warning about disabled asm.js is too Firefox-specific


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If the embedding doesn't enable asm.js via the RuntimeOptions, the warning "Disabled by javascript.options.asmjs in about:config" is logged. This is problematic for Servo, which uses a different configuration system.
Makes sense. What would be a good message, here? "Disabled by the current configuration"? "Disabled by the current configuration options"?

Would there be an #ifdef that we could use, to indicate whether we're embedding for Firefox or not? In this case, we could keep the current message for Firefox (which is nicely descriptive, as it tells where to look at to re-enable asm.js), and put a placeholder for other embedders.
We could mention "asm.js option" or something. Maybe we can use the new system that's being added to link to wiki pages for certain errors/warnings. That wiki page could then explain where to find the Firefox pref etc.
These days, the pref is only disabled if the user did so explicitly, which means they already found it, or we're in some other embedding which might have a totally different way to toggle the option, so "disabled by 'asmjs' runtime option" seems sufficient.
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