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Hide Linux x64 Debug buildbot builds and tests



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2 years ago
a year ago


(Reporter: selenamarie, Unassigned)



This bug is for moving linux64 debug tests in TaskCluster to Tier 1. 

We would like to hide linux64 debug builds and tests for Buildbot.
Summary: Move Linux64 Debug TaskCluster Tests to Tier 1, hide buildbot builds and tests → Hide Linux Debug buildbot builds and tests
The patch for bug 1243024 landed to inbound, turning the taskcluster jobs for linux x64 debug to tier-1, and I've merged that patch around to the other trunk trees.

I've created an exclusion list in Treeherder to mark the buildbot equivalents of those jobs as tier-2.

These are *NOT* hidden, just tier-2, so TC and BB jobs have effectively swapped tiers.

If the Buildbot jobs get shut down before the end of the Firefox 48 cycle on trunk, we can just delete this exclusion list. If that doesn't happen before 48 merges to aurora, the exclusion profile will need to be tweaked to add aurora to the list of affected trees.

Note: This exclusion list also includes try (but does NOT include project) branches. If people push things to try without including the patch to make TC jobs tier-1, my exclusion list will still apply, so taskcluster AND buildbot jobs for linux64 debug will both be marked as tier-2, which could cause some confusion. If too many people complain, I guess we could remove try from the exclusion list until enough time has passed so people are including that patch in their try pushes.
Last Resolved: a year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Summary: Hide Linux Debug buildbot builds and tests → Hide Linux x64 Debug buildbot builds and tests
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