Research why pages displayable in ReaderView don't provide "Page" button in address bar




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2 years ago
I probably should have filed this some time ago.

I've found and have been using the fact that in the vast majority of cases, for pages that don't display an orange ReaderView button/icon in the awesomebar, I can open the menu and tap the ReadingList icon permanently there, and then switch to the list and open the page in ReaderView.

In the new scheme of things, this workaround isn't available. If the ReaderView button is not provided in the addressbar, I can't force add to to ReaderingList, as the button in the Menu is now a combined Bookmarks/Readinglist button based on display context.

My new workaround is to paste/append |about:reader?url=| into the addressbar (customized addon time?) ...

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2 years ago
s/orange ReaderView button/ReaderView button/

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2 years ago
This would be an issue with our `isProbablyReaderable` algorithm:

If you have testcases, you should file issues (and submit pull requests, if you have ideas to fix them) in that repo.

The main thing that makes this tricky is that this function is purposefully very simple for performance reasons (it's called on every page load).

You're right that you can force reader mode by going to the about:reader URL directly. It would be simple to write an add-on that always displays the reader view icon. You would just need to monkey-patch the `updatePageAction` function here:
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