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[UI Events-key] Investigate KeyboardEvent.key difference between Chromium and Gecko


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Chromium will ship KeyboardEvent.key in releases.

So, we should investigate the difference between Chromium and Gecko and fix the difference or report the issue to Chromium team.
On Windows better to compare also to Edge (assuming it has .key).
Edge does not really have |key| support yet.

It does have the |key| attribute and the current W3C spec was based originally on the IE implementation, but there have been many changes to the spec that have not yet been added to IE/Edge.
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(In reply to Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (Mozilla Japan) (offline: 4/29-5/8) from comment #3)
> Filed about WM_APPCOMMAND issue on Chromium:

Oops, this report is wrong. It's environment dependent issue. Chromium works fine for those keys. I'll check the key value difference of them later.
Filed a lot of differences...

Looks like that Chrome's KeyboardEvent.key implementation is wrong. It refers scancode rather than virtual key code. Therefore, the implementation is really broken...

Gary, could you stop releasing KeyboardEvent.key in release build?
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Resetting assignee which I don't work on in this several months.

Assignee: masayuki → nobody
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