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Feature request: 'Invalidate' a bugzilla comment.


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It so happens that when 'ctrl-tabbing' through multiple BZs on your browser, you inadvertently end up typing a comment in the wrong BZ, only to realize it later and add another comment to the tune of "Please ignore comment #XX", it was meant for another BZ". A person reading the BZ from the beginning might not realise it until he has gone through the entire comment. One might argue that an incorrect comment might immediately be recognisable as out of context from the BZ's point of view, but I have come across many instances where that isn't the case. And to be honest, yours truly has also many times ended up posting comments meant for one BZ in another.

What I am requesting is some sort of a 'Invalid Comment' check-box (like the one we have for private comments) which greys out or strikes through whatever is typed in the comment so that we have some sort of `quick visual indication` to just skip reading it.

P.S: Filing it under 'Bugzilla General' as I'm unsure of the component (and version).
this isn't a request for comment editing; it's asking for the ability to mark a comment as invalid/obsolete.

you can already do this with comment tagging - on a lot of installations (including this one) you can tag a comment as 'obsolete' to indicate that it's no longer valid.
Thanks Andre and Byron, The obsolete tag is exactly what I was looking for (and was unaware of). I need to request this feature to be included in our in-house installation.
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