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No longer reporting size of omni.ja to perfherder


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After this set of pushes to fx-team, we're no longer reporting the omni.ja size to Perfherder, which changed the series signature.

That is to say, while we used to printing something like the following in the logs:

15:20:07     INFO - PERFHERDER_DATA: {"framework": {"name": "build_metrics"}, "suites": [{"subtests": [{"name": "omni.ja", "value": 6014615}, {"name": "classes.dex", "value": 5041408}, {"name": "", "value": 24902677}], "name": "installer size", "value": 39864438}, ...] }

We're now printing something like this:

15:20:07     INFO - PERFHERDER_DATA: {"framework": {"name": "build_metrics"}, "suites": [{"subtests": [{"name": "classes.dex", "value": 5041408}, {"name": "", "value": 24902677}], "name": "installer size", "value": 39864438}, ...] }

I'm guessing this was due to one of the changes in either bug 1258450, bug 1258464, bug 1259507, or bug 1260241?
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It could only be Bug 1260241.  At, we're looking for stuff lying around the objdir; Bug 1260241 no longer makes these (needless) copies to dist/ and just uses stuff directly from the objdir.

The expedient answer is to re-instate these needless copies.  The next expedient answer is to use the stuff directly from the objdir.  That clearly shows how fragile this approach is.  What we should really do is sever minimize the link between and the objdir, and extract (or interrogate the sizes of) the files from the actual APK produced.  That is, the input to this function should just be the APK, not the whole objdir.

gbrown, I can't work on this.  Can you take this or redirect it?
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The expedient solution -- fix the path.

I'll file another bug to follow-up on nalexander's suggestions.
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fix path

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