Improve UX for when an add-on fails to load



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3 years ago
When an add-on fails to be installed from about:debugging, we get a nice error message:

Thats so awesome and helpful. We could probably improve this though. Some suggestions:
* the yellow on pink background isn't great
* a link to browser console where they could see a more detailed message
* a link to MDN docs?
Priority: -- → P3
I have some doubts about linking to browser console.

We are involving too many windows here:
- firefox window (you may also switch between about:debugging and a web page tab)
- Addon toolbox
- May be the Browser toolbox to inspector chrome documents?
- And now may be the Browser console?

This is some discussions somewhere in devtools to merge the Browser console and Browser toolbox,
but the performances of the Browser toolbox aren't there yet so we can't reasonably do that for now.

I imagine to limit the number of tools and windows you have to interact with, we would need significant and complex work. But I was wondering if we can be opportunist with fresh and simple ideas of improvements?

Do you have a set of useful message you want to retrieve from the browser console?
If that's really only about AddonManager internal error, may be we could focus on just that?
lucas is currently working on improving console support for webextension (bug 1211665), hopefully they will be soon correctly displayed in Addon console and Web page console. But it there other kind of console message we still only have in the browser console?
Severity: normal → enhancement


8 months ago
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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