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'Next' link often hidden on smaller screens (3.5'')


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Firefox for Android 46.0b10 on Nexus S (Android 4.1.2)

On the Nexus S, the 'Next' link is only visible on the first screen (at least in German), likely due to the small screen size (3.5''). It's easy to miss the panels which follow the second one.
I wonder if we can fix this by moving the "next" link outside of the scrolled view - that might be too ugly? Alternatively we could reduce the padding, but that isn't guaranteed to fix this for all devices.

Here's a screenshot to illustrate the problem (I took the screenshot while scrolling up, the scrollbars disappear automatically when you don't scroll - so by default it's not obvious what you're supposed to do)
This isn't a huge issue, but highly confusing for new users on small devices. (It's easy to exit first run by either typing a url, or even just using the tabs tray or main menu.) I haven't found any telemetry regarding what percentage of users are affected (i.e. how many users have small screens), so I'm not sure just how important this bug is.
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Here's one possibility - I don't think it's particularly pretty, and it doesn't translate well to larger devices (i.e. we probably want to keep the appearance as is on larger devices, even if we fix smaller ones).
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Let's try to land a fix for 48.
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I'm getting much nicer behaviour if we make the image resize to fit the screen (i.e. we can reduce the image size to fit everything on screen). This would only affect smaller devices, and other devices are completely unaffected. This seems the best way of minimising degradation on those phones.

The tricky part is making this work well with screen rotation (we probably want to keep everything scrollable / retain existing behaviour in landscape mode), I'm still figuring out how to only enable scrolling in landscape mode (it seems we don't reinflate our firstrun fragments on rotation, so having separate layout doesn't work).
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> Let's try to land a fix for 48.

I've not had much luck actually improving this situation (liuche also looked into this while reworking the first run, and couldn't get anything better in place). It seems like fixing this would require a lot of effort, for what I'm guessing is a small number of devices - do we still want to prioritise fixing this?

Note: you can still scroll the screen to see the next link, it just isn't immediately visible. It would be nice to fix, but it isn't really "broken" either.

(I haven't found any telemetry for screen sizes, so I have no idea how many users are actually impacted by this.)
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The Nexus S screen size is the single most common screen size in the Google Play data. paired with

WVGA800 (480x800) at  ~240 DPI (high DPI) is the most common combination. The Nexus S is 800×480 @ 233 DPI
Previously the "next" link was hidden on devices such as the Nexus S.
Reducing the size of the top image seems to be the most efficient way
of ensuring that all content fits on screen.

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MozReview Request: Bug 1264223 - Pre: move values-large-v11 into values-large r?liuche

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I've managed to implement a much simpler solution: simply reduce the size of the image on smaller devices. Here's a screenshot on a Nexus S.
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MozReview Request: Bug 1264223 - Pre: move values-large-v11 into values-large r?liuche
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MozReview Request: Bug 1264223 - Reduce firstrun image size on smaller devices r?liuche

Okay, this seems like a small fix, and makes sense. I was hoping for something using weights to dynamically size things but I think this is probably fine (and simpler).
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