- Social Security Administration On-Line Wage (W-2) filing doesn't work.



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17 years ago
When I enter my Employer PIN and password at the login page and hit
the Submit button, nothing is sent from the browser.  No packets
whatever can be seen with a packet sniffer, so the Submit button
actually doesn't work at all.  I suspect this is javascript.

To reach the page in question you must navigate there as follows:

then click Online Wage Reporting Service(OWRS)

next click the "I Accept" button.

Enter some data in the PIN and Password fields and
click "Submit".  You will see that no packets get
sent to the web site.

This is a *very* important web site for businesses.

I need to report my employees wages to SSA and
most every small business owner will be expecting
this web site to work properly within the next
year or two as online wage reporting will soon
be mandatory.

Note that Netscape 4.x and Konqueror both work
properly at this site.  I of course haven't even
tried MSIE but I imagine it works also.
Maybe because the wohle page is a link? There something deadly sucks with the
The page has an unclosed <a href=""> which includes all the text (and the
buttons).  The <a> grabs the click event when we click, so the button never gets

Reassigning to evangelism -- there's an events bug to fix this behavior on our
site to be compatible with other browsers but it's not getting fixed anytime
soon, and this site could be fixed by just fixing their broken HTML....
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Oh, the code bug is bug 127903 (just managed to find it).
now they tell, that your browser doesn't support 128bit SSL..
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Summary: Social Security Administration On-Line Wage (W-2) filing doesn't work. → - Social Security Administration On-Line Wage (W-2) filing doesn't work.
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The site has been redesigned. I don't have an account with them but am marking
this fixed. Please reopen if you can not use the new site.
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