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[Fennec] Disabling Reader Mode reloads the page


(Toolkit :: Reader Mode, defect)

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This bug represents the Fennec fix of the same bug.

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1184950 +++


1. Go to a page.
2. Enable Reader Mode.
3. Disable Reader Mode.
4. Wait for the page to reload.

(...I noticed this because the page reloaded VERY slowly...which made no sense to me)

Expected Result:

The page should immediately disable reader mode and re-render with the original content without making network connections (everything should be cached, right?)

This is particularly problematic for pages that you *CANNOT* reload, e.g. a page you POSTed to.
It is unclear to me which tests to run and how to run them locally. Let me find out from this try result

and MDN when I know what to look for.
BTW the page still reloads on my phone, even when the patch is applied (and I can verify it works based by observing session history), are we purging BFCache on Fennec differently? Are we able to adjust that somehow?
Comment on attachment 8743123 [details]
MozReview Request: Bug 1264805 - [Fennec] Use goBack to leave the reader view when possible, r=margaret

::: mobile/android/chrome/content/Reader.js:172
(Diff revision 1)
> -          browser.loadURI(originalURL);
> -        }
>          Reader._buttonHistogram.add(Reader._buttonHistogramValues.TAP_EXIT);
>        } else {
> -        browser.messageManager.sendAsyncMessage("Reader:ParseDocument", { url: url });
>          Reader._buttonHistogram.add(Reader._buttonHistogramValues.TAP_ENTER);

Technically it would be nice to move this telemetry to where the toggling is happening, but I actually want to change this around anyway (bug 1266163), so it's fine to leave it like this for now.
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Do I need to add new tests? Is the Try syntax in comment 2 correct? Thanks!
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(In reply to Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) from comment #5)
> Do I need to add new tests? Is the Try syntax in comment 2 correct? Thanks!

I think this looks good to me...

I normally do -u all, but mcomella wrote a handy hg extension that will come up with the correct try synxtax for you:
Flags: needinfo?(margaret.leibovic)
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