No instructions for how to prepare for templates

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17 years ago
Templates are *major* feature I need, so I'm trying to prepare for templates by 
reading zillion bug discussions and scanning through 2.15 code, which is 
tedious and time-wasting. Is there anywhere a consistent document/discussion 
how can I take advantage of this wonderfull new feature the very same day 2.16 
is released?
Existing templates in template/default + "man Template::Manual"

We definitely need better pointers to this.

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17 years ago
Off the top of my head:

- You can copy templates from template/default to template/custom and modify
them as much as you like.

- There will be INTERFACE comments in each template, documenting the variables
that are available to the template. 

- There will be some kind of versioning for checksetup to find out which
templates have changed significantly after an update, see bug 98658.

Maybe just ask your questions here, and this will be the start of an FAQ?
This needs to be in the docs when we release...
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Nice to have, but not a blocker.  
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Barnboy changed his email address and opened a new account instead of having the
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I think we need a new subsection of section 4 (Administering Bugzilla) - UI
Customisation. All the template and localisation tips can go in here.

Don't forget:

- Why is it you should copy templates to custom rather than editing default.
- Why is it you shouldn't touch data/template.

Comment 8

16 years ago
> - Why is it you should copy templates to custom rather than editing default.

Except that for changes that are not complete rewrites, editing the default
template is better if you can use cvs for upgrading. The cvs *merge* feature
will then be able to integrate many updates without manual intervention during
the cvs update. I think Myk had a good summary in a recent newsgroup posting.
OK, the Guide now has a "Template Customisation" section - please file specific
bugs on info missing from it.

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