URL prediction/autocomplete does not learn from frequently used address




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2 years ago
URL prediction does not learn from frequently used address

Our company has two eshops, one eshop.example.cz and one eshop.example.sk. Once I perhaps entered eshop.example.sk but much more often I visit eshop.example.cz. But whenever I enter eshop.example to the address bar. the autocomplete function always selects .sk domain, even if I used the .cz one much more times than the .sk one, and also I am always in Czech rep. IP address.

Instead of learning (bayesian approach similar to Thunderbird adaptive spam filter) it somehow continously offers me the less desired variant .sk instead of the favorized .cz domain ending.

The domain I use more often should be offered instead. That is .cz in my case. I use Czech Frefox on a Czech locale Linux OS, on a Czech IP address... why should I still receive .sk autocomplete?
We actually do that, but it's possible one of the values is wrong for some reason.

do you have any experience with SQL? You could install Sqlite Manager add-on, open places.sqlite profile database (from the top dropdown) then check the values of frecency and typed for your 2 domains in the moz_hosts table.

If you need more detailed steps please let me know and I'll make the queries for you.

Note that what matter is the number of visits to ALL the pages in the domain, so if you more often visit the .cz domain, but then it redirect to the .sk one, or most internal pages are on the .sk one, then the .sk will always win even if the first visit to the domain goes through .cz.

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2 years ago

I definitely visited the .cz page and assets on that page more often. No idea why the value on .sk is bigger.

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2 years ago
I hacked the sql record of the .sk domain to decrease the value below the .cz one and now the autocomplete is OK.
yes, but it will go back to where it was soon, since it's adaptive.
You may want to figure why you have so many visits to the .sk domain.
you coul even just search for the sk domain in history and remove some pages, to decrease its value.
Not enough information to act on this, we changed the autofill behavior recently and may have helped
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