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Single AccessibleCaret in empty <input> displayed as leaning vs. vertical caret


(Firefox for Android :: Text Selection, defect)

Not set





(Reporter: capella, Unassigned)


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As (belatedly) promised, the STR for this ... is simple [0]

) Tap into empty <input>
) Type text
) Tap again to display caret |handle_middle.png|
) Tap care to display ActionBar
) Tap Select ALL
) Tap backspace
) Observe |handle_start.png|

The key to reproduce this issue to use swift keyboard with the steps in comment 0. I cannot reproduce the issue with the built-in Google keyboard.

And If I turn off "layout.accessiblecaret.allow_script_change_updates", it's not reproducible with swift keyboard either. So I guess with swift keyboard, we'll get extra selection change with reason 0 and update the carets in [1]. In this cases, the first caret position is not updated, which makes the first caret remain tilt and visible.

Well, I can't seem to repro this anymore.
I can't reproduce this, either. I was wondering which commit fixed this :)
And the answer is ...........

Bug 1249201 - Continue showing AccessibleCaret when scrolling or panning the page
What a surprise! Mark, thank you for bisecting the change. Let's close this bug :)
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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