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Re-organize Linux64 test task hierarchy


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In bug 1251893, Armen has identified a difference (on demand symbol downloads) between Linux64 opt and Linux64 debug tests. I have similar concerns for total-chunks and perhaps other test options across different Linux64 flavors (opt, debug, asan, pgo, etc).

I want to insert another level in the task inheritance hierarchy so that Linux64-debug tests have their own yml files which inherit from more generic Linux64 yml files.

In recent discussions with Armen, he said:

"As part of this, IIRC I wanted to get rid of this .yml file in preference of fx_desktop_generic.yml"

Let's consider that here too.
Bearing in mind that this is all being rewritten as part of bug 1247703, I think this particular refactoring sounds fine.  Please do it soon, so that it does not conflict with my work to delete the entire testing/taskcluster/tasks tree :)
I expect this patch to make no functional changes: The same tests will run with the same arguments.

Structurally, the main changes are:
 - fx_desktop_unittest.yml is eliminated; tasks inherit from fx_desktop_generic.yml instead
 - one new level of task inheritance is introduced; using xpcshell as an example, the new file fx_linux64_xpcshell_dbg.yml is added and it inherits from fx_linux64_xpcshell.yml: fx_linux64_xpcshell.yml contains definitions shared by all linux64 xpcshell jobs; fx_linux64_xpcshell_dbg.yml adds anything specific to xpcshell on linux 64 debug. 
 - "--download-symbols=true" is moved to the "leaf" nodes, fx_linux64_xpcshell_dbg.yml, etc; when opt is supported, fx_linux64_xpcshell_opt.yml will inherit from fx_linux64_xpcshell.yml but set "--download-symbols=ondemand"

See try push in Comment 2.
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refactor linux64 test tasks

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lgtm thanks gbrown!
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