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Reduce threshold for perfherder alerts on APK size changes


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Right now perfherder is configured to alert on performance regressions/improvements of 2% (I think) or more, but this creates a threshold that's too high for APK size changes.

Chatting with wlach, it sounds like we can change this to alert on smaller changes.

gbrown, can you help make this happen?
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The magic incantation to make this work is to add alertThreshold to the PERFHERDER_DATA string. If you want something like 0.25%, you would do something like:

PERFHERDER_DATA: {"framework": {"name": "build_metrics"}, "suites": [{"subtests": [{"name": "", "value": 25478543}, {"name": "classes.dex", "value": 5193188}, {"name": "omni.ja", "value": 6037744}], "name": "installer size", "value": 38296509, alertThreshold: 0.25}, ]}

Everything is documented here:
The idea here is that the Fennec APK size is about 40 MB, 0.25% = 100K, which seems large enough to be actionable.

This change affects all platforms. A 0.25% change may not be as important to desktop...but then again, maybe it should be? Let's try this and dial it back -- perhaps for different platforms -- if it causes too many alerts, or non-actionable alerts.

:jmaher - Thought I'd check in with you since you may be triaging these -- any objections?
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use alert threshold of 0.25% for "installer size"

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great stuff!
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use alert threshold of 0.25% for "installer size"

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