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Check for missing tests in testing/cppunittest.ini


(Testing :: CPPUnitTest, defect)

Version 3
Not set


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(Reporter: Ms2ger, Unassigned)



Or remove it entirely; seems like we should be able to disable those tests from
Flags: needinfo?(ted)
Blocks: 1265033
This was originally put in place to be able to skip certain tests on B2G/Android, IIRC. We could certainly just not build those tests on those platforms, although that sucks a little bit because then things can fail to compile in addition to not pass, but I doubt people are clamoring to write new CPP_UNIT_TESTS these days.
Flags: needinfo?(ted)
Summary: Check for missing tests in cppunittests.ini → Check for missing tests in testing/cppunittest.ini
Component: General → CPPUnitTest
See Also: → 1498767
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