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JSON's default charset should be UTF-8


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Steps to reproduce:

I have a REST api that returns JSON with header "Content-Type: application/json". According to the default encoding of JSON is Unicode. However, FF initially showed the response in Western encoding. I suspect that default encoding is picked based on the default of HTTP 1.1.

Expected results:

For all responses that have json as the content type, the default encoding should be UTF-8.
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I have experienced the same issue, with application/json content encoded with UTF-8 being interpreted as being "windows-1252" encoding.

The server-side workaround is to get the web server to provide "Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8" in its responses instead of "Content-Type: application/json". Firefox then interprets the encoding as UTF-8.
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I'm not entirely opposed to this, but if this happens (particularly in JSON.stringify), I need to know about it.
I don't think necko does anything with character encodings for JSON other than passing any info it has to the consumer.
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Its rather ld to revive but do we have a consensus?
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> Its rather ld to revive but do we have a consensus?

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Is this still an issue? Firefox 53+ will always treat application/json resources as UTF-8 when they are loaded as documents.
For XHR, Firefox will default to UTF-8 from the start. For fetch, Firefox will always treat them as UTF-8 from the start.
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