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All issues on Warlock computer


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For all the following videos hardware acceleration seemed to make no visible difference when it was enabled.

Youtube has video and audio choppiness issues at all resolutions in full-screen. In standard it has video chopping in all resolutions and audio choppiness at 240 and up.

Youtube 360 doesn't load 360 controls and has the same choppiness as reported on regular youtube.

Vimeo has choppy audio and video at all resolutions when full-screened. Some video tearing at 540 in standard and audio and video choppiness at 720 and up in standard.

Steam has choppy audio and video when full-screened.

Facebook has choppy video when full screened in both HD and SD. It also has choppy video in HD when in a standard window.

DuckDuckGo has some tearing and audio choppiness at all resolutions in full screen. Video and audio is both choppy at 360 and up in full-screen. Choppy video starts at 720 in standard windowed mode.

Twitch has choppy video on mobile and up in full-screen and choppy audio in low and up in full-screen. Choppy video and audio at medium in standard windowed mode.

Reddit has audio and video choppiness at every resolution in full-screen. Has video choppiness at 720 in windowed and has audio choppiness at 1080 in windowed mode.

ABCnews has audio/video choppiness and audio/video sync issues in windowed and full-screen.

NFL has audio/video sync issues and video choppiness in both windowed and full-screen.

All issues are the same on release 45.0.2
QA Whiteboard: betabreakers-fx46
Whiteboard: betabreakers-fx46
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