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Window resizing very jerky


(SeaMonkey :: General, defect, P3)

Mac System 8.6


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(Reporter: meiering, Assigned: pierre)




In M8 window resizing was smooth and the contents would not be redrawn until the
mouse button was released. In M9, when resizing a window, the contents are
redrawn during the resizing.
Assignee: don → pierre
Pierre owns this issue.
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
The redraw during resize is a feature that we are evaluating. If people like it,
it will stay otherwise we'll remove it. Closing as invalid.

For information: what kind of build are you using (debug/optimized) and what is
your machine (beige/blue, processor speed)?
I have been using the release versions of M8 and M9 on a blue&white 350MhZ
running OS8.6. Because no other Mac browsers behave in this fashion and because
surely this effect will be exagerated on slower machines I believe the 'non-
jerky' resizing is favorable.
Thanks for your comments. FYI, I just noticed the following: if there is not a
lot memory in the system heap and if the window is relatively large, the
offscreen buffers cannot be allocated and GFX draws directly to the screen. In
that case, it becomes *really* jerky and it would be a good reason to remove the
live-resizing. Maybe it's what you are seeing too.
2 notes to my previous comment:
- My machine is slower than yours (266Mhz) and, unless I reach the case mentioned
above, I wouldn't call the resizing very jerky. It seems to me fairly nice and
smooth, a bit like on Windows.
- In the meanwhile, you can disable the live-resizing by holding the Command key
What I have noticed is that if the content of the window is large in size or
complex (as in tables), the resizing becomes really jerky. When the window is not
so complex it is not bothersome at all. In fact even when it is jerky it is not a
problem for me. The most logical reason to leave out this feature by default,
IMO, is that the other Mac browsers do not do this and if it is not difficult to
maintain the 'feel' of the current browsers, then it should be done.
Depends on: 3412
Depends on: 2498
No longer depends on: 2498, 3412
Target Milestone: M20
Excerpt from a posting on Mozillazine: "M9 is my first experience with Mozilla,
and I am impressed. Live window resizing, and realtime re-renderring of the
tables as you resize. If ever something in a web browser made my jaw drop, it was

I'm reopening with a milestone set to M20 in order to keep track of the issue.
For now, the status is: if it can't find a way to make it work flawlessly, the
feature will not be on by default (you will have to press the Cmd-key to activate
the live-resizing).

The 2 problems I see are:
- When there is not enough memory for offscreen buffers, the display is indeed
very jerky (see #3412).
- With complex pages, it can be really slow because the reflow is a blocking
operation (see #2498 and certainly other bugs).
Resolution: INVALID → ---
Depends on: 2498, 3412
Grrr! Please read: "if WE can't find a way to make it work..."
Blocks: 6988
QA Contact: leger → cpratt
Updating QA Contact.
Closed: 21 years ago20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
People did not seem to like the Live-Resize. It is now only activated when the
Command key is pressed.

Marking fixed.
1999101114 build, Mac OS 8.5.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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