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tab paint on osx is so noisy it is pointless to run


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:mconley, I have you as the point of contact for this test, can you help us understand why this is a random number generator, or could you give me the ok to turn this off for osx, possibly just non-e10s.
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I'll hopefully have time to look at this next week. Keeping ni?.
And by next week, I meant next month. Whoops.
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The link in comment 0 is no longer valid, however looking at the recent tab paint results for macOS the data does appear to be bimodal. I don't know if this is the 'random number generator' issue that was originally reported, but perhaps there is still some investigation we could do here?

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perhaps there is still some investigation we could do here?

Anything we can do to reduce the noise of these tests is useful. I apologize for having been assigned to this bug for so long without any movement. I'll remove myself for now.

For future spelunkers who might want to investigate this - one thing we might want to consider is if the 16ms vsync is a "cliff" that we're hitting here (where tabs paint one frame later, and so show up 16ms later), and that's what's causing the bi-modality here. We might want to check if ASAP modes helps reduce the noise here.

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