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Correspondent column not properly identifying sent/received messages


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Steps to reproduce:

I went back to a "sent mail" IMAP folder from many years ago when I used a different mail address. 

Actual results:

The correspondents column identifies mail sent by me using my old address as incoming mail from me and displays my name instead of that of the recipient.

Expected results:

I see why someone (including me) would find the "correspondents" column desirable, but Thunderbird in all seriousness should not have made this the default behaviour.
For this message, is your old email address (the one in the "From" field) still defined as an identity in Thunderbird? If not, Thunderbird wouldn't actually know it's from you and this is the behavior you'd see.

In any case, we'll likely be disabling the Correspondents column as a default in an update. You'll probably have to change the column settings on your end though, if you haven't already.
No, the old address is not defined in Thunderbird. It does no longer exist, but the mails do.
Correspondents column as default will be removed again in bug 1268325. You can still enable it via preference mail.threadpane.use_correspondents.

On the problem you're reporting: Since the old address is not defines as an identity, (quoting) Thunderbird wouldn't actually know it's from you and this is the behavior you'd see.
Blocks: 1268702
Severity: normal → S4
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