Content lags behind dynamic toolbar when scrolling toolbar away




3 years ago
3 years ago


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When scrolling the dynamic toolbar off-screen at a medium speed, there is a black space that appears between the toolbar and the content. It'd be great if we could align these.

See the beginning of the following video for an example:

This occurs on my local build on my GS4 but I also see it on personal Nightly on my GS5.
FWIW I had looked into this a while ago because Jeff was quite annoyed by this as well. I think I discovered that there's multiple steps of composition in the Android compositor, and even though we move the LayerView (which has the page content) and the toolbar in the same spin of the Android event loop, they don't get composited together. IIRC Jeff found that Chrome was jumping through a lot of hoops to avoid this problem, by basically having two copies of the toolbar - one in Java-land and one painted in their C++ compositor. Or something along those lines, I don't recall exactly; he might be able to provide more details.
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