Provide a help link or hoverable info icon next to 'autoscrolling' and 'smooth scrolling'




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What the heck is autoscrolling ;)

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Steps to reproduce:

I was on the settings page, see screenshot, and wondering what "autoscrolling" and "smooth scrolling" is.

Actual results:

I do not think that "Use autoscrolling" or "Use smooth scrolling" are self-explaining, so I ended up googling for it: which shows various results (e.g. like howtogeek(dot)com and the like).

Eventually, I found which very nicely explains it.

Expected results:

a) Just have a link like "Learn more" on the settings page to the above kb page or
b) provide a (i) info/help icon that one can hover over with the mouse, which provides some more information

a) Would probably be easier and is also done like under "Data Choices" tab or "Privacy"

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3 years ago
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Misplaced (?) help icon

I just noticed that there is actually a (?) help icon, but it is at the farmost right top whereas the settings are at the left side.

I would propose to move the (?) help icon further to the left next to the settings title so that it is easier within where the eyes look at.
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