Treeherder shows changesets from the middle of a push



3 years ago
2 years ago


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Go to for example. The top change listed in the push is  a06ac8e3220a. Now click on the "and more" link to see the pushlog on hg.m.o, this will take you to which shows that the top commit in the push was actually 8849dd1a4a79. Why does TH show a bunch of commits from the middle of the push?
Even worse is if you load more changesets on the TH page, the topmost commit on the next push is  8849dd1a4a79. It's like TH took one giant push (8849dd1a4a79) and listed it twice, but the second time only listed half of it, and listed them in the wrong order. Or something.
Treeherder had some ingestion issues with pushes with many hundreds of commits, like what happens when m-c merges to aurora or when aurora merges to beta, etc.

I think this managed to get fixed by something in the last month or two, as the most recent merge from m-c to aurora managed to be displayed in a single push:
I agree with Wes that this should be fixed now.  We have done a lot of data ingestion fixes in this area in the last month.  But we should keep an eye on this to see if it happens again.  If so, then let's investigate it at that time.
Haven't heard anything in the last five months. Can we close this?
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Wes:  yeah, let's close it.  We'll reopen if we see it again.  :)
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