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Briefly display toolbar when returning to the browser after the app was hidden


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Preferred solution to bug 1245493 but blocked on bug 1245523, which causes the page to twitch when the DynamicToolbar animates off the screen.

See [1] for an example. Back-out the hack fix (not the comment changeset!) from bug 1245493 and land the patch I'll attach to this bug.

There fixes the issue described in bug 1245493, however, there are graphical
glitches in the page content as the toolbar is either hidden or shown so we
couldn't land it - bug 1245523.

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Attachment #8747365 - Flags: review?(ahunt)
Comment on attachment 8747365 [details]
MozReview Request: Bug 1269041 - Temporarily display the dynamic toolbar in onStart if it is not shown. r=ahunt,f=kats

This patch was already r+'d by ahunt & kats in the other bug, with one caveat:

(In reply to Kartikaya Gupta ( from comment #26)
> Comment on attachment 8735668 [details]
> MozReview Request: Bug 1245493 - Add comments to existing code to clarify
> them. r=margaret
> This looks pretty good. My only concern is the scenario where the user puts
> their finger down and starts scrolling during the 3 second timer,  such that
> the code to hide the toolbar runs while the user's finger is still down
> and/or the toolbar is partly offscreen. Please make sure the behaviour in
> that case isn't buggy.
Attachment #8747365 - Flags: review?(ahunt) → review+
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