Compatibility bug with Windows 7 Aero




Widget: Win32
2 years ago
11 months ago


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Windows 7

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2 years ago
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:46.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/46.0
Build ID: 20160421124000

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install Windows 7 Premium SP1 64-bit and all security patches.
2. Install 32-bit version of Firefox 45.0, 45.0.1, 45.0.2, or 46.0.
3. Install f.lux v3.10
4. Set f.lux transition speed to slow (60m).
5. Use Firefox and its developer tools.

Actual results:

On rare occasions, Windows will display the following error and disable Aero.  Closing Firefox restores Aero.  No other applications cause this error.

Multiple data points suggest (but do not conclusively confirm) that this happens when Firefox is running while f.lux is performing its 60 minute transition.  It's quite possible that f.lux is a red herring, but given that this is a sporadic issue, I feel it is better to over-report possibly relevant data instead of under-report.

Here is the error, verbatim:


The color scheme has been changed

The following program has performed an action that requires
Windows to temporarily change the color scheme to Windows
7 Basic.

Program: Firefox
Publisher: Mozilla Corporation
Process identifier (PID): xxxx

Windows will automatically change the color scheme back to
Windows Aero when this program or other programs
performing similar actions are no longer running.

Expected results:

Firefox should always be 100% compatible with Windows Aero.

It should never cause a Windows component to fail.


2 years ago
OS: Unspecified → Windows 7
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64


2 years ago
Component: Untriaged → Widget: Win32
Product: Firefox → Core

Comment 1

2 years ago
Update: Bug still present in Firefox 47.0.1

Comment 2

2 years ago
Are you able to reproduce the issue with old versions of Firefox like 40 or 35?

Comment 3

2 years ago
(if you want to test, releases are available here: )

Comment 4

2 years ago
The earliest version of Firefox I tested this on was 45.0.  I also tested it with 45.0.1, 45.0.2, 46.0.0, and 47.0.1.  The bug was present in all those versions.

I wish I had time to test it with older versions, but unfortunately I have too many other commitments at this time.


2 years ago
Priority: -- → P4
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Comment 5

11 months ago
Quick update: Issue still present with Firefox 53.0.2 (multiprocess enabled).

Comment 6

11 months ago
Another update: Issue still present with Firefox 53.0.3 (multiprocess enabled)
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