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Port bug 1122642 - [h2] better error state for INADEQUATE_SECURITY


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(thunderbird48 affected, thunderbird49 fixed)

Thunderbird 49.0
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thunderbird48 --- affected
thunderbird49 --- fixed


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I can see error about this missing entity when starting up TB offline on a folder that is empty. Then a message about offline mode appears in the message preview pane. That was missing the entity even though it is not displaying it in my case.

The text seems to be copied from Firefox.
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You might want to try applying Bug 653386 (Consider overriding netErrorApp.dtd rather than netError.dtd) This will allow you to inherit strings from the Gecko netError.dtd while using netErrorApp.dtd to override only the strings you want to modify.
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patch, v1

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Regression caused by (bug #): bug 1269203
User impact if declined: Yellow error message in message pane under some circumstances (e.g. if user starts Thunderbird offline or there is a connection issue)
Testing completed (on c-c, etc.): Verified fixed in latest Daily
Risk to taking this patch (and alternatives if risky): -
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You never set a Target Milestone, so my query didn't see approval-comm-aurora?
Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 49.0
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patch, v1

Too late now.
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