When sending a link to someone with different language, page in my locale is shown instead of his locale.



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If I send a link to mozilla.org pages (like https://www.mozilla.org/cs/contribute/signup/) to someone speaking different language eg. Italian, he gets the page in Czech instead of his language. Expected behavior would be that he would get redirected to a webpage in his locale (https://www.mozilla.org/it/contribute/signup/), maybe with a header allowing him to switch to original version from the link.

This applies to pages like MDN and AMO as well.
You can just send this link instead: https://www.mozilla.org/contribute/signup/
And this applies to MDN and AMO as well :) Just remove the locale prefix.
As Kohei says, you can just omit the locale when sharing links and the recipient will get redirected to his/her's most appropriate locale based on their accept language header.

There is also a language selector in the standard footer on most pages so users can change language.
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Note: Previously we had the Translation Bar that allowed visitors to easily switch from an unfamiliar language to his/her language. The handy site feature has been disabled for a while, but I hope we can re-enable it soon. That's Bug 1195068.
Thanks Kohei, yes hopefully we can reintroduce the translation bar again soon :)
Well, it is not a best UX when you have to change/remove parts of url to share it or click link to get the localized webpage, I think they should get the site in their language by default (no one usually bothers removing the locale prefix, so using links on the web, most people usually get to en-US version, although localized version exists and would be more helpful for them).
I think it would arguably be worse UX if we actively prevented people from viewing pages in languages other than what their browser is set to. Some users don't get to decide what language their browser is in depending on where they are, and being able to choose their own language is probably the best middle ground here.
(In reply to Alex Gibson [:agibson] from comment #7)
> I think it would arguably be worse UX if we actively prevented people from
> viewing pages in languages other than what their browser is set to.

The point Tomáš is trying to make I think is that we actually *are* actively preventing people to see the Italian version of the page, if their browser is set to Italian (and the URL is Czech).

The right solution is the translation bar, which is bug 1195068. That being said, I'm not sure which path should we take - load Czech page and offer Italian in the translation bar or do it vice versa.
I agree, Kohei's solution is the right choice. It is better to give people the *choice* to switch to their preferred language. The user does already have the ability to do this by the language selector, but the translation bar is a much nicer UI, and shows up in the users preferred language which might differ to the page language.
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