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Must use -ProfileManager to launch on win95/98


(SeaMonkey :: UI Design, defect, P1)

Windows 95


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: paulmac, Assigned: radha)


Today's 82712 builds hang on launch unless you run with the -ProfileManager
extension and then select your profile every time.

This is happening on win95 and win98 only.

Last thing on the console windows is:

Profile Manager : Profile Wizard and Manager activities :End

actually it says activites, there is a spelling error
Assignee: racham → buster
By the text from the console, this is clearly not a hang in profile manager
since we've printed the message indicating we're done.  I'm sending this to
buster on the theory he knows something about the spell checker message you
no, I just meant that activities was spelled incorrectly in the console, it has
nothing to do with the spell checker, sorry for the confusion
Assignee: buster → jevering
Severity: major → critical
We'll give it to jevering to figure out.
Target Milestone: M10
Setting to M10, can we get fixed soon?
Assignee: jevering → don
Don, Warren, this is hanging somewhere in the apllication startup process.  It
could be Necko related, could someone take a look here.
Priority: P3 → P1
This is fixed now, isn't it?
this is not fixed, it is still happening with 8/31 builds. It appears to have
something to do with creating new windows, perhaps.

p.s. it is driving me crazy
Assignee: don → radha
Component: Profile Manager → XPApps
Radha, this happens for me too.  Any idea what could be wrong on Win95/98
update: running with -ProfileManager does not appear to be a panacea, it often
fails this way also, before you even get to the Profile Manager screen. The last
thing you see when this happens is Profile Wizard and Manager activities:Begin
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
I have tested this with this morning's 1999090108 build on my Win98 machine and
the problem has been fixed.  I am resolving this fixed. If you all agree, this
can then be verified.
seems to work for me also with today's build, marking verifed
Product: Core → Mozilla Application Suite
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