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Update color for pressed "Hidden devices" state


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Hidden devices pressed color should match the pressed state for the other items.
Sebastian, I'm running into some problems here, and I can't figure out why setting the selector isn't having any effect. I think my understanding of how this works isn't correct, so I thought I'd ask you.

I'm trying to change the pressed state color of the "Hidden devices" item to match that of the other home panel list items. So I switched to setting the android:listSelector instead of android:background, which is what the other home panel lists do, but at that point, no selection happens at all. I've also tried setting the style on the RecyclerView itself, but again, nothing happens when pressing on the item.

Is setting the background for the RecyclerView somehow different from using the listSelector, and also uses some different colors for some reason? I feel like this should be really straightforward :/
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Ah, I see what's going on - we're not using a different color for these highlights, but the highlight is partially transparent and so the color looks different on different items. Bug 1066751 discusses unifying these colors.
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