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Do not use enumerated types to debug CallArgs


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Enumerated types are very hard to bind to other languages (especially Rust), let's avoid them in that very important public API.
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::: js/public/CallArgs.h
@@ +123,4 @@
>      mutable bool usedRval_;
>      void setUsedRval() const { usedRval_ = true; }
>      void clearUsedRval() const { usedRval_ = false; }
> +#endif

I understand that the symbol are loaded from the parent class when we build with an optimized build.
Still, I would prefer to have a #else which redefine the empty function in such case.

Changing the lookup is a bad habit, and C++ has some corner case around looking up symbols.  This is not the case, but I do not want such thing to become usual.

@@ +236,3 @@
>    private:
> +    friend CallReceiverBase<IncludeUsedRval> JS::CallReceiverFromVp(Value *vp);
> +    friend CallReceiverBase<IncludeUsedRval> JS::CallReceiverFromArgv(Value *argv);

From what you told me you are going to investigate a similar issue in mfbt (why clang fails to bind this name to the name of the class), if you find a work-around in clang, we should not change these lines either.
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Addressed :nbp's remarks.
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Attachment #8748602 - Flags: review?(jwalden+bmo)
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nox, what exactly is hard to bind about this case? Is it that there's a template parameter that's an enum (I know Rust doesn't support type-parameters that are values), or something about the enum itself?

Also: what's going on? I don't know if we've ever talked. How are these bindings being generated, what are they for, and how can we help?
FYI, a fresh laptop arrived just today \o/ so I probably should be able to get to this tomorrow.
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I bitrotted the original pretty good doing simplifications in this area, so I should probably redo it for politeness.  :-)  I think the original had some extra unnecessary complexity to it, as well, that this version was able to remove.  Win!
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Duplicate of this bug: 1279629
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Make CallArgs's JS_DEBUG-only handling of asserting proper rval()/calleev() sequencing work without using enumerated types, for Servo bindings.  r=nox/r=jwalden tag-team effort
Closed: 6 years ago
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