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(Reporter: MattN, Assigned: gasolin)


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There are a few bugs left before shipping the password visibility toggle that's currently Nightly-only. This meta bug will track the work to ship it.

See attachment 8677036 [details] for a mockup.
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Whiteboard: [passwords:capture-UI]
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Hey Fred, do you want to flip the pref (signon.rememberSignons.visibilityToggle) for all channels and make sure tests still pass?
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a year ago
sure! I removed the version detection definition in all.js, also tested on aurora and it works fine
Assignee: nobody → gasolin
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a year ago
Comment on attachment 8782726 [details]
Bug 1270321 - Ship remember password doorhanger visibility toggle;

Great! Thanks! Looking forward to finally shipping this.
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a year ago
treeherder result seems fine (2 unrelated error)

Thanks for mentoring this!
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a year ago
Pushed by
Ship remember password doorhanger visibility toggle; r=MattN
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a year ago
Last Resolved: a year ago
status-firefox51: --- → fixed
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla51
I managed to perform Exploratory and Regression testing around the 'Remember password doorhanger visibility toggle' feature and found two minor issues related to this implementation:
- the 'Show password' check box can be enabled/disable by clicking anywhere after the checkbox on the same horizontal line. See ''. 
- on Ubuntu OS, the close button 'x', the show password checkbox and the dropdown button are not highlighted when they are selected, by using the Tab key. 
No functional issues were found during testing.
I've also verified the 'Depends on' issues.

As I was saying in the email sent to Matt, if there is no special request, we are treating this issue as regular bug work, since this is a small implementation.

Please let me know if there is something specific that needs to be tested around this feature. 

The tests were performed on Firefox Latest Nightly, under Windows 10x64, Mac OS X 10.11.1 and under Ubuntu 16.04x86
Added to Fx51 (Aurora) release notes.
relnote-firefox: --- → 51+
Depends on: 1320677
I've also managed to perform Exploratory and Regression testing around the 'Remember password doorhanger visibility toggle' feature on Firefox 51.0b3 and logged Bug 1320677.
The issues from 'Depends on' were also verified.
No functional issues were found.

The tests were performed under Mac OS X 10.11.6, Windows 10x64, Ubuntu 16.04x64.

Please let me know if there is any other information needed.
status-firefox51: fixed → verified

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11 months ago
In the release notes of 51 with "View passwords from the prompt before saving them" as wording.
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