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Create Gaia front page as an index of web apps


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Except for the core system apps we're turning into chrome, we'd ideally like the other apps in Gaia to become web apps using standard web app manifests, Service Workers and other emerging web standards.

The purpose of this bug is to create a Gaia front page which acts as an index of the web apps which are currently in the dead_apps folder on the kanikani branch ( We can host this page on so that people can easily load these web apps in the browser to see what doesn't work. We can then track our progress in webifying these apps in order to get them out of the dead_apps folder.
Here's a proposed patch. You can see what it looks like here

This would also need to be merged into the gh-pages branch of Gaia in order to host it on GitHub. That branch already seems to exist and I'm not sure what it's used for, does anyone know?
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Hi Ben
what is the plan for the other apps in the folder and that we can not see in the gaia page, I mean for example wallpaper, ringtones, download, bluetooth, etc. Would be implemented inside the setting apps or what is the plan?, deprecated the feature?
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Hi Pochy,

Those apps all have a role of "system" which means they don't have an icon on the homescreen. I think we need to take those apps case by case and figure out whether they're still needed and whether they should become part of the system chrome. We could add a separate section for those.
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Bug 1270532 - Create Gaia front page as an index of web apps

I'm really not up to date on the transition project. I believe Fabrice knows much more on the subject and will be a better reviewer :)
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I've seen your website
I love this idea of having a webpage to debug the apps and turn them into web standard. When your merge request will be accepted, that means that we will have a page like the one on your website when we clone gaia?
It will be a lot easier to contribute and debug apps. When it's merged, I'm ready to debug the apps ;)
Do you have all the files on your website or we need to do something else? because I have a lot of 404 HTTP response when I visit apps.
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Thanks Fabrice

Landed on kanikani

We need to use the gh-pages branch to make this useful but that's currently being used for documentation. I'll follow up on the mailing list to ask about that.
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Vivien, Fred,

I'd like to make the front page of look like This patch has landed in kanikani but it needs to land on gh-pages in order for this to work.

Currently it looks like we're using the gh-pages branch of Gaia for some automatically generated documentation. How do you feel about us over-writing that branch with a copy of kanikani (and eventually master) so that we can show the Gaia front page instead? Could we either get rid of the documentation or eventually find a new home for it?
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The origin doc host on gh-page is aim for API reference. Since most existing apps are obsoleted, I think its fine to repurpose the gh-page. Please make sure the reference link is also removed from README when the gh-page is changed.
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