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Hello can no longer decrypt/encrypt room data in FxA accounts "DOMException [DataError: "Data provided to an operation does not meet requirements"]


(Hello (Loop) :: Client, defect, P1)



(firefox47 unaffected, firefox48- fixed, firefox49+ fixed)

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firefox47 --- unaffected
firefox48 - fixed
firefox49 + fixed


(Reporter: standard8, Assigned: lina)



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1) Start Firefox on a fresh profile.
2) Open up Hello, create a room, try and enter it

=> Everything OK.

3) Exit the room, go back to Hello and "Sign in or sign up"
4) Log in with an FxA account (we've been using pre-existing ones with Hello rooms, though I think it'll be reproducible without).
5) Attempt to create a room

=> Fails, error on console:

"Data provided to an operation does not meet requirements"

Similar messages happen for attempting to open a room.

I've used mozregression to track this down to bug 1256488.
The code we're using fails here:

  // We use JSON web key formats for the generated keys.
  var KEY_FORMAT = "jwk";
      // First import the key to a format we can use.
        { k: key, kty: KEY_TYPE },
        // If the key is extractable.
        // What we're using it for.
      ).then(function(cipherText) {

The `key` we're supplying here is obtained from FxA and temporarily stored in prefs:

  _fxAOAuthComplete: function(deferred, result, keys) {
    if (keys.kBr) {
      Services.prefs.setCharPref("loop.key.fxa", keys.kBr.k);
    gFxAOAuthClientPromise = null;
    // Note: The state was already verified in FxAccountsOAuthClient.

That callback is called from:

Hence, Hello isn't doing any translation here, but something definitely seems messed up.
Ah, yes. Web Crypto now uses RFC 7515, which disallows padded Base64...but it looks like the FxA "kBr" key has padding. It might make sense to either work around this in crypto.js via `k: key.replace(/=/g, '')`, or in _fxAOAuthComplete.
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Thanks for the PR! r=Standard8
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Landed on master:

We'll get this merged across to central in the next release.
Closed: 7 years ago
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(In reply to Kit Cambridge [:kitcambridge] from comment #2)
> Ah, yes. Web Crypto now uses RFC 7515, which disallows padded Base64...
Did Web Crypto allow padded base64 before? If so, why was the backward incompatible change made?
Or is this only about our implementation and that Web Crypto spec and other impls always requiring non-padded base64?
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nm, I saw your comments in the other bug. Does any other browser engine than Gecko and Blink support Web Crypto? If so, how do they behave?
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Looks like `crypto.webkitSubtle.importKey` doesn't support JWK in Safari 9.1. I'll test Edge on my Windows box next week.
(In reply to Kit Cambridge [:kitcambridge] from comment #8)
> Looks like `crypto.webkitSubtle.importKey` doesn't support JWK in Safari
> 9.1.

More specifically, it only supports BufferSource, not JsonWebKey.
Tracking - Hello Mark can you clarify which loop version will this end up in? And are you going to push it to 48 and 49? Thanks.
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Blocks: 1273671
Bug 1273671 has landed this on mozilla-central for 49. There's an approval request for 48.
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I approved the uplift in bug 1273671, stop tracking this one
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