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mozregression "To resume, run..." command goes nuts if it finds nested double/single quotes


(Testing :: mozregression, defect)

Version 3
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(Reporter: dholbert, Unassigned)


 1. Run the following command:
     mozregression --good=2016-02-06 -a "begin'foo'end"

 2. After it's started the build, interrupt the process with Ctrl+C.

 3. Look at the "To resume, run..." output that gets printed on your terminal.

 INFO: To resume, run:
 INFO: /usr/local/bin/mozregression -a 'begin'"'"'foo'"'"'end' --repo=mozilla-central --good=2016-02-06 --bad=2016-05-06

Notice the bizarre quotes there...
 (1) My outermost double-quote chars have been replaced with single-quotes.
 (2) My inner single-quote chars have been wrapped in a layer of double quotes, followed by another layer of single quotes.

EXPECTED RESULTS: No such quote explosion.
I'm using mozregression 2.3.4.

Also, if you're curious, the "-a" arg that I was *actually* using when I triggered this was a bit more complex (though structurally equivalent to "begin'foo'end", hence my simplification for the STR). I was using this arg:
> -a "data:text/html,<img src='chrome://browser/skin/identity-icon.svg'>"
...which mozregression exploded to the following in its "to resume" message:
> -a 'data:text/html,<img src='"'"'chrome://browser/skin/identity-icon.svg'"'"'>'
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