Can't create multiple accounts with same address, different server

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2 years ago
I can't create multiple accounts with the same e-mail address, but different servers. I am trying to move my e-mails to my new mail server.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create an account and give it a name that's not the e-mail address
2. Create another account, with the same e-mail address, but different server

Actual results:
There are now two accounts with the same name and settings. Changing settings on one account changes the other. There are frequent warnings about two accounts with the same name.

Expected results:
Two accounts with same e-mail address, but different servers and names, behaving like two different accounts. This is the behavior I see in Thunderbird 38.4.0 on a different machine. (This allows me to drag and drop my e-mails between servers.)

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2 years ago
I can reproduce it like this:
1. toggle TB into offline mode
2. start account wizard, input as the email
3. click Continue
4. you can only toggle POP3 or IMAP here, the server name is predefined and can't be changed
5. click "Advanced config"
repeat steps 2.-5. again with the same email. In the advanced config (account manager), the user expects to be able to change the name and server on one of the accounts. But it does not work. The accounts are linked in some way, the settings are the same (as if using the same server object internally). But the server objects should not be the same, the prefs.js contain separate server* prefs and the accounts each point to a different server* id.

BenB, do you have an idea why this would happen? Why is there a function like checkIncomingServerAlreadyExists() which checks if we already have a matching server (by user/host/port which ARE the same in this scenario) and reuse it? When would we want to reuse a server for 2 accounts? I don't yet say this happened here, but if seems there may be intentions in code to do that.
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